penne pasta and a cantaloupe

10 Good Foods to Eat on a Bland Diet

Bland diets can be used to treat ulcers, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and gas as well as several other diagnoses. If this is your very first time being prescribed a bland diet, read on to find out which foods are best for you at this time. 

Appendicitis symptoms

10 Signs of Appendicitis

We typically don’t give much thought to our appendixes--that is until something goes wrong with them.

food that is high in iron

10 Foods that are High in Iron

Iron is an essential part of a healthy diet, allowing the body to transfer oxygen from the lungs to its tissues. Here are 10 delicious and easy-to-prepare foods that are rich in iron, along with a few preparation tips.

Abercrombie & Fitch and Bed Bath & Beyond

35 Brands on the Brink of Declaring Bankruptcy

These stores may not last much longer, so it's time to stock up on their merch!

hawaii and california

This is How Much Income It Takes to Be Middle Class in Every State

Some states ranked pretty high while others didn't do too great.

gold digger v stiviano and donald sterling

History's 30 Greediest Gold Diggers

“Gold digger” gets thrown around as an insult a lot. Though most accusations are a reach, sometimes marriage is so clearly about money or fame that it’s impossible to deny. Here are 30 of the worst cases ever.

Washington DC

The Hardest-Working Cities in America

WalletHub recently ranked the biggest cities across the United States from most to least hardworking. The most surprising find is that New York City and Los Angeles didn’t even make the top 20!

A door-to-door salesman in a suit holding a pot; a woman in a middle management position

30 Dying Professions to Avoid Like the Plague

Remember that age-old question that a teacher would ask on the first day of school? Asking all the little kids what they want to be when they grow up? Most answer with some big shot career like pro-sports star. Well, some of them will make it, but no matter what it would be a good idea to avoid these.

grubhub and starbucks employee

10 Companies That Have Handled COVID-19 the Right Way

Some companies are doing whatever they can for their shareholders while others are putting a huge emphasis on their employees. These 10 companies should be in the limelight for everything they're doing to help.

a popular spring break beach is filled with people

10 Most Popular Spring Break Beaches

Hitting the beach is a popular Spring Break pastime. These ten beaches are the most popular for college students to frequent according to the latest Facebook data. Do you want to join the party or steer clear of the crowds?

the golden gate bridge is one of the most-visited us destinations

Top 10 Most-Visited Tourist Destinations in the U.S.

Can you name the most-visited tourist attractions in the United States? The #1 site is far and away the most popular tourist destination in the U.S. Here's another hint: it recently became a pedestrian-only area.

a pile of new orleans mardi gras beads

7 Fun Facts About New Orleans Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras and New Orleans are synonymous with each other. Learn more about this Big Easy institution, including how it began, how much money it brings into the city, and how much they have to clean up. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

A side-by-side of The Big Bang Theory character Penny and her actress Kaley Cuoco

What The Cast Of 'The Big Bang Theory' Looks Like In Real Life

One of the most popular sitcoms on TV, The Big Bang Theory came to an end this year. We'll miss the lovable characters and the laughs they brought. As entertaining as they are on screen, what do they look like behind the camera?

tacky kitchen decor mistakes

40 Tacky Kitchen Decor Mistakes

Kitchens are a central part of any home. You should pay special attention to avoid these tacky mistakes when decorating them!

40 Most Regrettable Hairstyles, Ranked

40 Most Regrettable Hairstyles, Ranked

These hairstyles shouldn't be worn by anyone today. Most of them should stay in the past where they belong.

worst colleges in america by state

Worst Colleges in America by State

There are a lot of options to choose from, but avoid these at all costs. They won't yield a happy college experience nor a fruitful career in most circumstances.

sorority girls throw a party

30 Best Party Schools in the US

Not all college rankings are the same. This ranking lists the schools with the biggest party culture on campus. Averaged over the past five years, these schools know how to have a good time, but may not be the best places to find a quiet place to study.

two colleges

Worst Colleges in America by State

There are a lot of options to choose from, but avoid these at all costs. They won't yield a happy college experience nor a fruitful career in most circumstances.

beyonce and jay leno

30 Stars Who Drive Vintage Cars

These celebs could drive brand-new cars, but instead, they prefer something that's vintage, classic, and oh-so-much better

A parked car.

15 Surprising Things to Keep in Your Car for Emergencies

Keep a flashlight in your car? Obviously. A disposable camera? Probably not the obvious choice, but it’s a good one. No matter what kind of emergency comes your way, you’ll want to be prepared by keeping these 15 surprising items in your car.

chevy silverado

20 Best Trucks to Buy

In the market to buy a truck? There are a lot of options out there. Here is a look at some of the best trucks to buy in today's market.